You Are Not In The Ring Alone

Oct 15, 2023

"By yourself you're unprotected; with a friend you can face the worst." Ecclesiastes 4:12

Do you know anybody who feels alone? Do you ever feel alone?

Really quick we want to remind you that God is always with you. That there isn't a place you can go where he isn't with you. He loves you so much and he always has your back, and you may feel lonely but God is very very close!

This week we're are talking about how other christians are there to support us too! and we should support the christians around us!

Like tag team partners in wrestling we should have each others back! Praying for one another, being friends, having fun, and pushing each other towards Jesus!

Sometimes we need a friend to help us out just like Moses needed help in our Bible lesson, and sometimes we need to be a friend like Aaron and Hur!

Life is better when we do it with our friends and our life with Jesus is the same!

How can you be a friend to someone this week? Who is someone you want to talk about Jesus with?