Seek God's Wisdom For Your Life

Jun 2, 2024

If you ask the average person what's the one thing they need more than anything else, you will get it narrowed down to a few things like money, food, a nice house, or family. All of these things a nice but they aren't the most important thing! God's wisdom is the most important thing we need. It keeps us on the right track and protects us from hurt. When we decide to live for God and study his word we have access to the creator of the universe who knows everything and in life when we have hard decisions to make he can guide us with his wisdom. God's wisdom always keeps us from making mistakes. It's like a stop sign that stops you before you crash. It can't make you stop, but we have to choose to obey it. In our bible lesson, King Rehoboam didn't listen to wise council and made a big mistake! We have to choose to obey God's wisdom, and to learn from God. God has an amazing plan for our lives, but we will never experience the fullness of that plan of we aren't seeking God's wisdom!
Our Memory Verse this week is:
“Wisdom is more precious than rubies."
Proverbs 3:15