I Will Do My Best

Jun 13, 2024

Today we are learning about doing our best all the time, when you do your best, you will be pleasing God and win His approval. It's important to do your best not just when you want to but everywhere you go and to do your best all the time. Your best is just that - it is giving your best. It doesn't have to be the biggest our the greatest, just the best that you can do and that's all that Gods ask from you - to do your very best you can do your best at home, in your school, and obeying God when you do that you are honoring God and you are showing Him how much you love Him so do your best all the time!

Are you good at home when someone is watching you? Are you good when the teacher is in the room? Really? OK, here is one more. Are you good in church when the leaders and the pastor are standing right in front of you? 

But let me ask you this, what about when no one is around watching you? Do you act differently? 

This can be tough because sometimes we think we can slide by without doing our best because there's no one there to see us. But you need to do your best at all times-whether someone is looking or whether someone will never see you or what you did. We want to do our best at ALL times.

How many of you fold and put your clothes away in your drawers when your mom asks you to? Do you do it right away or do you put it off? Or maybe you just shove everything into your drawers thinking no one will see them. Do you think not doing something when you are told or doing it sloppily is doing your best? I don't think so.

But what if you took your carefully folded clothes and put them away as soon as you were told? How do you think your mom would feel if she came into the room to remind you to put your clothes away only to discover you had already done it? I know my mom would start dancing.

Doing the right thing without having to be told is one way of doing your best at all times.

Now you may not think putting your clothes away when you are told or doing it neatly is a big deal. But when you make a habit of doing your best, it won't matter whether someone sees what you have done or not. You just want to do your best.

Today when you go home, I want you to do something without anyone seeing you, like taking out the garbage or feeding the dog or cat. God loves to see you do your best, even if no one else sees you.