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What Is YOUR Next Step?

next steps

Each person has a purpose, and at one point or another we all ask ourselves what that purpose is. Scripture tells us that though a man may plan his course, no matter how clever or well-intended it may be, his footsteps are established and ordered by the will of our Creator.

We want to come along-side you and, in submission to the Holy Spirit, help you take your Next Steps of faith to walk into what God has for you as a member of our church community! We firmly believe that everyone from the first-time visitor to the church member, has a Next Step to take within our house and we are excited to walk with you through that process!

The following are individualized steps for our Angelus Temple Next Steps Process. Read through these steps to discover where you are at and/or where you want to get to as a member of our church!

new believers

After every service a moment is given for those who do not know the Gospel of Jesus Christ to receive His gift of salvation through acknowledgement that: He is the Son of the Living God, He was born under the law of a virgin woman, He lived a perfect life to fulfill the law, died a sinner’s death as a perfect sacrifice and ransom for all who would believe, and was raised back to life by the power of the Holy Spirit that all who believe would become children of God and co-heirs in His righteousness. This step in the Next Steps process allows for our Pastoral Care and Teaching teams to help you understand what you need to know as a new believer and how to begin to live that out.

welcome class

The Next Steps Welcome class is the first step in the Serve Team process and stands as an avenue to articulate the heart, vision, and mission of Angelus Temple to all who are seeking to deepen their connection as a member of our community.

In this class, we will discuss who we are at Angelus Temple, what we believe, and why service and outreach are so essential to the call that God has placed on our house. If you have been desiring the deeper sense of community that comes from serving the mission of God, this class is for you!

serve teams

"Find a need and fill it!" - Pastor Matthew Barnett

We are a community who believes that it is a privilege to serve our Creator by serving His creation! We seek to find and fill the needs around us and whether that is on a: Host, Security, Children's, Tech, Worship & Creative, or Teaching team, we work to be the Father's hands and feet to show His face and His heart to the world around us!


Life Groups

As technology progresses, we are continually delivered the message that the world is at our very fingertips and any connection we desire is a tap away. The truth is, for as many good things as the digital age has given us, the internet can never offer us the intended and transcendent good that we can only find in deep interpersonal relationships.

Angelus Temple Life Groups create a space for deep relational community where every single person knows they belong, and provide the encouragement and support needed for people to flourish in whatever season or stage of life they are in. Life Groups meet throughout LA in all types of settings so regardless of your background, age, interests, career goals, or zip code, there is a Life Group just for you ... because YOU belong.