You Need to Find a Place Where You Can Cry Out To God

Feb 25, 2024

“I took my troubles to the Lord, I cried out and he answered”

John 14:15

Do you ever feel alone? Like you don't have the strength for the day? Is there ever a test you're nervous for? Or maybe a friend at school you're worries about? If you talk to God about the hard things in life he will be there with you, listen to you, give you comfort, and strength. We have to find a place to cry out to God and talk to him about our lives. It's the only way to truly heal or handle our lives correctly.

Even Jesus when he was struggling within himself, before he died on the cross, he went away to spend time with God.

Where can you got to talk to Jesus? Is it your room? Is it on a walk? Today talk to God about what is going on in your life.