Don't Doubt Yourself

Feb 11, 2024

Don't doubt yourself.

What does doubt mean? Doubt is when you're not sure about something it's like when you want to go forward a bit but then you hold yourself back because you're not sure about something, because all of a sudden you don't think you can do it. Doubt is a tough one it will always hold you back from doing something because you no longer think or believe that you can do it. And I know a lot of people struggle with doubt they doubt there self, and many are sitting in this room today. You are holding back from something because you don't think or believe that you can do it. Listen you don't have to doubt yourself and i will tell you why. Look at today's memory verse it says "For I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." You see the bible says that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. You don't have to doubt yourself when you know that God is with you giving you strength to do things. It's not about you and strength it's about the strength, the power and the ability that God gives you, with Him you can do great things, so don't doubt yourself.

-Don't think small dream big-

You are not meant to be small you are meant to do big things, you are meant to do great things, so you need to start dreaming big.

In our Bible lesson today we learned about Gideon Defeating the Midianites!

There was a time when Gods people were overpowered by their enemy so they cried out for help and God choose Gideon to go and destroy the enemy, but Gideon didn't believe in himself he doubted himself, but yet he choose to do what God had told him and with Gods help he was able to defeat the enemy with only 300 men, and once Gideon experienced the power of God his confidence grew and then he realized he could do anything.

So what is God wanting to do through you? Will you let your doubt in yourself get in the way of his big plan?

Really quick pray and ask God to help you to trust him, and not to doubt.