H.E.R.O You Can Always Rely On God

Aug 27, 2023

Our memory verse today is “The Lord is my strength and my shield, my heart will trust in Him, and I am helped…” Psalm 28:7

You can always rely on God! To rely on God means to depend on him. To lean on him. To count on him. You can always trust God.

Some examples of things we may depend on is our teachers to teach us, or our parents to take care of us, or our friends to stick by us. The sad thing is the people around us sometimes let us down they aren't always dependable.

However, God will always come through for us. In our bible lesson today we learned that God gave the israelites specific instructions on how to bring down the walls of Jericho, and on the last day when they marched around the walls and blew their horns and yelled the walls came tumbling down. God came through for them.

God will come through for you too. When you feel alone, or afraid, or don't know what to do you can cry out to God and he will be there for you... fun fact we always are in need of God even when things are going good!