Do What Is Right

Feb 4, 2024

Every since the beginning of time God has been really clear about what the right thing to do is. He wants us to love him with all of our hearts, minds, and strength. To love others. To be honest, and honor our parents. To pray and read our bibles. We can choose do what God says is right or we can do what we think is right, which is ultimately the wrong thing.

Deuteronomy 6:18 says "Do what is right in the Lord's sight."

Now not everyone is going to do what's right. Some people choose to do what's wrong. They choose to lie, cheat, and steal. Sometimes it can seem like everybody is is doing what's wrong. No matter what everybody else is doing we have to choose what we do. We are only responsible for ourselves.

It can take a lot of trust in God and strength from him to do what is right but ultimately we will benefit from living life God's way. Like Noah was just obedient to God even though it didn't make sense, and he survived the flood because of it!

How can you obey God today?