Life Groups


Find a group near you, fit for you.
Build friendships and have fun.
Learn and live out God’s plan for your life.

Do you like hiking or discovering hidden cafes? Maybe you’re a movie-whiz or book-lover.
Whatever your interest, age, or background, find community in one of our many Life Groups, and have fun while deepening your relationship with others and with God.


What kind of Life Groups are there?
Life Groups come in all shapes and sizes. We have groups for women, men, young adults, youth (12-18 years), married couples, seniors, as well as interest-based groups, such as recovery, outreach, creative arts and more!
How often do they meet?
Life Groups meet every week throughout the semester.
Can I try different Life Groups?
Yes! Every person should love their group. Don’t be afraid to visit a couple of Life Groups until you find your perfect fit.
When are the life group semesters?
Life Groups happen annually from March – May and September – November.
Who can go to a Life Group?

Life Groups are for everyone. It is a comfortable environment to meet new people and get answers to your spiritual questions.

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Service times

Come join one of our church services! Services are held in Echo Park directly adjacent to Echo Park Lake. Our service times are:

7:00 PM (AT Hispanic Auditorium)

5:00 PM (AT Hispanic Auditorium)

10:00 AM (Online Only)

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